Press for Rare Cooking

An archive of press for this project and writing I’ve done about it in other forums.

ars longa 7.21.2022
“Your Kitchen is a Time Machine: An interview with Marissa Nicosia of Cooking in the Archives,” in conversation with Cynthia Houng

Schlow Library Podcast 6.1.2021
“Episode 115: Cooking from the Archives and food history with Dr. Nicosia,” in conversation with Ben Drain

The Abington Sun?1.25.2021
“Penn State Abington Faculty Interview: Dr. Nicosia,” in conversation with John Mitcleuchtend leuchtend

The Center and Clark Newsletter?8.1.2020
“Food for Thought,” Margurite Happe

?A Bit Lit?7.21.2020
“Literature meets the plague, smells & cookery,” in conversation with Holly Dugan, Andy Kesson, and Lisa Smith

Penn Libraries News?4.22.2020
“Cooking Under Quarantine,”?in conversation with Gretchen E. Stiteler

Atlas Obscura?4.3.2020
“The 1700s Plague Cure That Inspired an Uncannily Contemporary Cocktail,” Reina Gattuso

Atlas Obscura?11.14.2019
“A Pirate Botanist Helped Bring Hot Chocolate to England,” Reina Gattuso

Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin?5.15.2019
?Man sieht den Wandel der Welt in den Rezepten? Stephan Reich

This Rough Magic?12.31.2018
“Cooking in the Archives:?A Roundup of Resources and a Review of Cooking in the Archives,”?Colleen Kennedy

WFAE, Charlotte?3.16.2018
“A World of Food History Goes Digital,” Amy Rogers

Edible Philly?Winter 2017/2018 (print & online)
“Mince Piyes my Mothers Way: Holiday Cooking in the Archives,” Jenn Hall

Penn State Abington News?2.7.2017
“Shakespeare in my kitchen,” Regina Bosciusäß-cooks

Shakespeare & Beyond: at the Folger Shakespeare Library?7.26.2016
“A perfect pairing: A recipe for almond jumballs and a podcast episode on?Recipes for Thought,”?Esther Feringtonäß-recipes/

The Pennsylvania Gazette?7.25.2016
“Cooking in the Archives,” Molly Petrilla

The Collation: Research and Exploration at the Folger?1.28.2016
“Chacolet,” Alyssa Connell & Marissa Nicosia

The Recipes Project?11.12.2015
“The Exotic Taste of Rice,” Alyssa Connell & Marissa Nicosia

Sift Magazine?No. 2, Fall 2015
“Time Travel Recipes,” Susan Reid ?(print) post)

Archive Journal?7.22.2015
Cooking in the Archives: Bringing Early Modern Manuscript Recipes into a Twenty-First-Century Kitchen,” Alyssa Connell & Marissa Nicosiaäß-manuscript-recipes-into-a-twenty-first-century-kitchen/

“Food: The happiest of traditions,” Ashley Strickland

Frankie Magazine?Issue 65, May/June 2015
“Cooking in the Archives: History is the favourite ingredient for Alyssa Connell and Marissa Nicosia,” Lucy Corry (print)

Barnard Magazine?Spring 2015 Issue
“Cooking Up History,” June D. Bell (print)

Penn Appetit?Spring 2015 Issue
“Cooking in the Archives,” Elena Crouch (print)

Savory Road?2.15.2015?
“Cooking in the Archive, Blog,” Jeff Baker in conversation with Marissa Nicosia

Talk of Iowa?1.7.2015?
“Bringing Centuries-Old Recipes to Modern Kitchens,” Dennis Reese and Charity Nebbe in conversation with Alyssa Connell and Marissa Nicosiaäß-kitchens?

“Las recetas del S.XVII, reinventadas en tiempos de YouTube,” Lucía Caballero

Washington Post?12.29.2014 ?
“How two bloggers re-purpose centuries-old recipes for zeitgemäß cooks,” Sarah Kaplan (print and online)äß-cooks/2014/12/26/7dc33d5c-7a65-11e4-84d4-7c896b90abdc_story.html?

ABO Public: An Interactive Forum for Women in the Arts, 1640-1830 (cross-post)?12.22.2014?
“To Make Maccarons of Valentia Almonds,” Alyssa Connell and Marissa Nicosia with Alaina Pincus’s Words?9.19.2014?
“Ffish custard?” Ruth Reichl

HuffPost Taste?9.4.2014?
“This Is What People Ate In The 18th Century. Be Happy You’re Alive Today Instead,” Sara Boboltz

Unique at Penn (cross-post)?9.2.2014?
“Shrewsbury Cakes,” Alyssa Connell and Marissa Nicosia with Mitch Fraas

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